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Our Yogastyle

We like to call our Yoga Freestyle.

This stands for an alive, constantly growing and open Yogastyle, where we love to include everything that inspires us and makes sense in a yogic, anatomic, scientific and energetic way. One more criteria is, that it has to (make us) feel really good. Therefore in our Yoga classes you can also find elements of fascial training, physical therapy and energy work.

Breathing excercises (pranayama), relaxation techniques and meditation are taught side by side with dynamic flows and powerful Postures. Our Body is meant to be moved and that is just what we love to do in every way, shape or form.

By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others

Here at Yogalicious you can find body-oriented Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and dynamic Flows, deeply relaxing Yin Yoga, Pre and Postnatal Yoga, and energising Kundalini Yoga.

Mindful and considerate movements for the spine and joints are a very important aspect in our yoga classes. We know that every body is unique and has different needs. If needed, we will offer variations in postures, because we know, that the slightest difference may have a great impact for one person. We make an effort to see people where they stand now and accompanie them through the journey of our wonderful self.

How we approach things is very undogmatic, open and inspired. Yes, we are teachers, but at the same time we are students, not only during class but in everyday life and the people coming to our classes are our greatest teachers.

Be inspired!

Start feeling Yogalicious