Love yourself

Personal Yoga

Yoga onte to one

Every body and every mind is different. Personal Yoga is a yoga practice to meet your individual needs.

Personal Yoga is your perfect fit, if you:

  • want someone to check your postures to avoid dysbalances in your body
  • have never done yoga before and want to try it by yourself for the first time
  • have injurys or disabilities and therefore can not take a group class
  • want to be flexible in your training schedule
  • want to further your yoga practice and touch more komplex asanas and postures
  • would like to have your body checked for dysbalances and find ways out of that
  • value individual and personal service

What Sabine says about personal yoga:

Personal Yoga ist all about individuality. My extensive experience as a yogateacher and bodyworker allows me to adapt quickly to the wishes and needs of my clients.
I have completed many different trainings in yoga and bodywork, like many different styles of yoga, thai yoga bodywork, tai chi and qi gong, different relaxation techniques, functional training and body reading. This is my big toolbox from which i can choose what is needed and what feels right at the moment.
Especially working with my personal yoga clients over many years allowed me to gain experience, so I can quickly and very spontanousely see what my client needs, even if he or she doesn’t know themselves yet.

Prices Personal Yoga

60 min 89 Euro
5 x 60 min 400 Euro
10 x 60 min 750 Euro

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Passive Yoga

Thai Yoga Bodywork, Nuad Thai Yoga, Passive Yoga – there are many terms for this special form of healing touch.

During Thai Yoga Bodywork you wear comfy clothes and rest on a soft mat on the floor, while being moved by me. With gentle movements muscular tension can be releases, metabolism can be pushed and your self healing powers can be activated.

The effect of the stretching movements and the positions the clients’ body is encouraged into, is similar to yoga, therefore it is sometimes referred to as passive yoga. In thai yoga we work on the sen-lines, that go through our entire body.

The result is an opening of the body which leaves one feeling both relaxed and energized at the same time.