keep calm and do yoga

FAQ – Frequently asked questions and netiquette

Here you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions about yoga, about our studio and the do´s and dont´s in our studio.

Take it slow!

At first we want to call on your individual responsibility. You are the master of your body, mind and soul and you can feel best, when something is right for you and also when something isn’t. Feel free to take a break anytime you want or to take a sip of water, when you feel like. Be honest with yourself.

Tut dir etwas weh?

Let us know ideally before class, if something hurts or if you have injurys or are pregnant, so we can either adapt our classes, propose variations or tell you what we wouldn’t recommend doing. If you feel pain during yoga practice, please let us know immediately. Yoga is not supposed to hurt and pain wil not get better with time or by pushing through! Rather this calls for a variation in a pose or working on a correct alignment of your body, so that you can feel great during your practice.

To eat or not to eat?

That is the question, at least in yoga. Many people feel better during yoga, when they didn’t have meal right before practice. Other people don’t mind that. We would recommend not being hungry when coming to yoga. Somethimes not eating messes with our circulation and people feel dizzy when exercising. We always have some nuts and raisins at the studio, you can have in case of doubt.


My yoga bag contains…

Bring your yoga mat and maybe a towel to dry of your hands if you need. Other props we provide at the studio.

If you don’t have a yoga mat yet, you can also borrow one from us. For a regular practice we would recommend buying your own mat. We offer 2 different types of good quality and 100% natural mats at the studio.

What to wear in a yoga class?

For yoga you do not need much. Wear comfy clothes, which allows you to move. Yoga is performed barefoot on the mat. If you want to wear socks, we recommend socks with a grip (e.g. Toesox).

Prior registration

We would like to ask you to sing up to classes you want to attend to via eversports. However the prior registration is only
mandatory in the following classes: Crazy Bird, Babylicious, Feet Up. These classes will only be held with a min. of 2 participants!


Our studio is a Barefoot-Zone, therefore we would like ti ask you, to first leave your shoes in the changing area before you come to the front desk.

Tea cups and glasses

Please serve yourself at our complimentary tea and water bar. Leave the used glasses or cups next to the sink or put them into the dish washer right away.

Please don’t take glasses or cups into the yoga room, because we love to walk around during class and something might happen very quickly.

Locked door?

We always start on time and the front door will be locked during practice time. If you are running late, please give us a call or let us know, so we can find a solution. Please quietly enter the classroom and maybe with with unrolling your mat considering, that the other students may be meditating oder doing pranayama. Just sit and start the exercise as well. When we start with our practice feel free to unroll your mat.

Offline time

Please turn off your phone, set it to flight mode. or leave it in the locker room. This is the time you just want to be with yourself. Take your time out!

Locker keys

There is no deposit for our locker keys, so please take good care of them anyway! Leave them in the locker, keeping the locker door closed and locked, when you don’t need them anymore. It is not possible to leave things overnight!

Towel service

Unlimited and VIP Membership owner are entitled to our free towel service when using the shower. All other people can borrow a towel for 2 Euros.


After changing, please come directly to our front desk, so we can chek you in. Please wait, until we ok you to enter the yoga room. If you are a first time customer, please come at least 10min before class, because we need to enter your data into our system eversports and want to be there for you, if you have any questions.


Studiomats and props

We have mats, Blocks, belts, blankets, bolsters cushions etc. which you can borrow for your yoga class for free.

Please be careful with our equipment, so all the yogis, that come after you can also take their props from our neat shelves.

Spray the mats with de mat-cleanser after you used it and wipe them with a kitchentowel. Everything will be provided for you.

Roll your mat as tight as possible, with the Logo out, and place them in the pipes. If the mat is not going in smoothely, it means that it is not rolled up tight enough. Please do not try to shove them in, because the mats and also our rack will be damaged in the process and when pulling it out again. If you are in a hurry or have a hard time rolling them up tightly, just leave them on the side and we will do it for you.

Please help us keeping our shelves tidy and neat when putting back the used blocks, bolsters, eye cuchions an the nicely folded blankets.

If you are sweating, please wipe your forehead before using an eye cushion or put a towel over the bolsters before you use them.


We invite only the best of the best teachers in our studio for workshops and teacher trainings. Please sign up as early as possible, because it is easier for us and for the teacher we invite to plan the event. Also if there are not enough participants, we might have to cancel an event a few days or weeks in advance.
Get a free hug for your early sign up!!