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Business Yoga

Corporate Health Care


Having good staff is the biggest value to a company. Business Yoga can increase the productivity and the wellbeing of your employees. This is a special reason for holding regular meetings on the yoga mat.

Yogalicious is your reliable and professional partner for corporate health care. The topics are worked out very thoroghly and accessible, so that your emplyees can apply the knowledge during their working hours and in everyday life.

Selfreflection is happening on the yoga mat and this creates mindfulness. Yoga can release body tension, it deepens the breath and leads to an overall feeling of well-being. It also furthers the team spirit, reduces stress and the resulting sick days. Business yoga improves the concentration and motivation of your employees, they can better deal with high demands and reach their full potential. Also your team will feel appreciated and therefore will feel very loyal to you and your company.

Support your team to be happier and healthier, both on and off the mat!

Corporate discount

Your employees get special conditions for memberships and cards and come to the YOGAlicious studio to join our classes. This option wil fit in every schedule, because your employees can choose between more than 10 yogaclasses each week.


Seminars and Workshops for your team and teamleaders. We will come to your company and host workshops and/or seminars to a variety of yoga and health related topics.


We will organize a weekly class for your staff in your company or in our studio. The advantage: Your team will spend time togehter and this supports the We-feeling.

Send your inquiry per Mail to We are happy to assist in finding the best option for you and your business.